Classic Panda Shopping Bag


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In conjunction with WWF-Malaysia’s 50th anniversary, we bring you The Classic Panda Collection.
This bag prominently features WWF’s universally recognised logo which remains a potent symbol for the primary focus of the WWF’s work: the conservation, preservation and restoration of natural environments around the world.

Made from eco-friendly juco material, the bag is sturdy enough to carry your groceries or any other heavy-duty items. It also has a water-resistant exterior and waterproof interior so you can put wet items inside with ease. There’s no better way to display your commitment to save the planet and in style!

Material: Jute and cotton blend
(we strive to source our product range from the most sustainable sources possible to meet some of the most rigorous requirements for sustainable materials)

Measurements for product (in CENTIMETRES):
One Size
Length 43.5 cm
Height 36.5 cm
Depth 16.5 cm