It’s Your 1st Step in Making A Difference

Hey there, thank you for coming to this page.

At WWF-Malaysia, we’re always on the lookout for more wildlife protectors and like minded people to join us in our journey to save the environment.

From now until 1 May 2024, you can sign up and donate RM20 a month to get a special digital starter kit that will serve as your first step on your journey to protect our wildlife!

We're setting you up to succeed.

If you’re here, that means you want to protect the environment and we’re here to help you do that with just RM20 a month.

Embark on a journey to protect nature with this special offer from WWF-Malaysia – it’s your chance to make a difference. By joining us, you’ll not only gain insights into our environmental efforts but also become a crucial part of the solution. Your donation today supports the protection of our precious flora and fauna while securing a sustainable future for you, your loved ones, and all Malaysians. Together, we can create a world where people and nature thrive together. Sign up today!

What's RM20 in today's world?

Let’s put things into context. A single meal and beverage at your local kopitiam costs around RM10.

That’s two meals.

The average coffee drinker spends more than RM10 per cup of coffee.

That’s two cups of coffee.

Here’s what those two cups of coffee or two meals do for us:

  • You provide our conservation officers basic necessities

  • You secure funding for data gathering equipment

  • You assist in the funding of forest rangers that protect our wildlife

What can RM20 a month do?

A little goes a long way, with just RM20 a month, you’ll receive: 

  • Monthly digital newsletters
  • Digital Wallpapers
  • Exclusive discounts for Pandashop merchandise

"I just donated and I want to do more!"

You can! For the first time ever, WWF-Malaysia is creating an advocacy program that encourages participation from our new supporters. Get the chance to win a seat at an exclusive donor event hosted by us, reserved for our most valued donors.

Just make sure you check your welcome email when you sign up, you’ll get more details and instructions there.

Read the terms and conditions here.

It’s for a limited time only!

This is just a friendly reminder that this digital starter kit campaign lasts until 1 May 2024, so grab this chance while you can!

If you wish to become a regular donor for WWF-Malaysia, click here.

Together, Possible.

When you share this page and get more people to sign up for this exclusive campaign, you help us spread awareness and joy about protecting the environment for us and future generations. 

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